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Pick a time to devote at least 60 minutes to focusing on the goals of the renovation without being interrupted. We’ll talk through each step in detail and I’ll help lay out the aims, allocate a budget, and explain how to get started.

What Are Real Estate Investors Saying About Working With Van?

"Can I really do this?"

After 30 years of working in this industry, I’ve noticed something extraordinary. 


Whenever I help a new real-estate investor with their renovation, it’s never the tools, checklists, tasks, or ‘management’ side of things that holds them back. In fact, I can typically show them how to do that stuff pretty easily. 


What they ACTUALLY struggle with is confidence. 


They convince themselves that managing things MUST be the difficult part… that it must be the specifics of task-organization that makes them hesitate.


When in reality, it’s their mindset that really causes them to second-guess themselves. 


So I know that my biggest challenge isn’t teaching new investors what they need to know... it’s actually giving them the confidence to know that “Yes, I really can do this!” 


Because they can. 


I’ve met thousands of new investors over the years, and they all convince themselves that any difficulty must come from the renovation itself. 




Of course the management isn’t ‘a walk in the park,’ but I know for a fact that I can teach the most inexperienced, clumsy, slow-thinking person in the world how to manage a successful renovation (and believe me... I think I probably have in the past…) so I know I can show anyone.


One thing that can be difficult to teach though, is self-belief. 


But that’s exactly why I’m offering this no-cost call. 


Yes, I’ll reveal the insider secrets and discuss the best ways to get started, but there’s another reason I’m so keen for new real-estate investors to get on the phone with me... 


Because it will finally prove that they absolutely CAN do this. 


All I need is one hour, and in return, I can give the confidence of having a clear, detailed plan.

Will our call make a difference?

When someone’s in the mood for a particular kind of cake, do they just pick a random cupboard, hope all the ingredients are inside, and start cracking eggs without a recipe?


Of course not. 


They start with a plan.


And I think we can agree that renovating a property is a step-up from baking a cake (I have a far better record as a renovator than as a cake-baker though…)


My point is, starting with a specific plan of what’s desired is far more productive than setting out with only a simple idea of the end-goal. 


This call will be like getting a tailored recipe from a master chef who’ll also help set the temperature, crack the eggs, and prepare the icing. 


Not only will I go through a step-by-step recipe, I’ll also share a few techniques that are applicable to ANY cake that could possibly be baked.


(Don’t worry, I’m still talking about renovations...)


So, yes. 


This call WILL make a difference. Because new property investors who take me up on it will get a meeting with an expert who is prepared to devote 100% of their attention to giving them the best plan... even if the first timer only has a vague idea of what kind of cake they’d like to bake. 

Why am I doing this?

Two reasons

I genuinely love helping new property investors... 


I get a kick out of seeing people succeed, especially in an industry I’ve dedicated my life to.


I know how incredible it feels to take a step back and admire that perfect renovation that's been completed... giving that feeling to others is something I feel blessed to be able to do. 

I remember what it was like before I knew what I was doing. And the joy I felt at the sight of my first successful renovation was immeasurable.


I want new investors to have that too.

Who doesn’t want to leave a legacy?


Everyone wants to leave a legacy to something... kids, a community, a workplace. 

Real estate and renovation has been my specialty for more than 3 decades, and I know more about it than anything else.


In all honesty, I don’t want the knowledge (and the tips, tricks, and secrets) that I’ve gained over the years to go to waste. I know that they can be my legacy. 

I want to pass all of it on to the new generation of investors... and I can't wait to reward those prepared to take action.

That’s why this no-cost, personalized planning meeting is a limited offer


Because I’d rather only do this for serious property investors who have the same drive to succeed that I did when I started out... 


That’s why I’m looking for new real estate investors to call me, even if they’re not 100% confident yet and have had NO experience at all.

Here’s What Real Estate Investors Like to Ask Me...

How can I save 30% - 50% of the cost on my renovation?

Here's where new property investors waste most of their money when it comes to a renovation:


1) On hiring a general contractor... 

2) On paying for the tasks, material, and subcontractors recommended by a general contractor... 


That’s right. Whether directly or indirectly, the majority of wasted money goes through general contractors. 


The first reason is pretty obvious. They’re expensive. That explains itself. The longer a project runs, the more there is to pay.


But secondly, by leaving the management of a renovation to someone else, it means THEY make ALL the decisions. That means they decide what needs to be done, they buy what they think is needed (with the investor's money), and they choose which subcontractors to hire... 


Sure, all this means that new investors don’t have to worry about the day-to-day responsibility.


But it also means they lose all the control. And losing control = wasted dollars. 


The truth is, a general contractor only cares about getting paid. And they’ll have no problem running up bills and going overboard on the budget if it means a real estate investor will need more work from them and that they can hire their buddies to work on the project too…


By simply setting out the exact goals at the beginning of the project, knowing what tasks need doing, and hiring subcontractors themselves, I’ve seen investors save up to 50% of the cost they would’ve otherwise spent. 


And new investors don’t need to get taken advantage of to learn this valuable lesson. It’s why I want to give them the keys to saving this money on their own.


But what if I have absolutely ZERO experience in real estate? 


It doesn’t matter. There’s a simple recipe to be followed for success. 


As long as everything gets planned at the beginning, new investors could never even have heard the term ‘real estate’ before and still achieve their goals.


Do I need to have a property ready to renovate to book a call?


Yes. Any real estate investor I speak to must own the property they want to renovate.

Why shouldn’t I just buy a book or course on ‘how to renovate?’


If someone bought a closet from IKEA, would they want a ‘history of closet-building’ to help them build it?


Of course not. They’d want the unique instruction manual for their specific model. 


Unfortunately, existing books and courses on real estate development are just that - a collection of ideas that have generally worked on properties in the past. 


I’m not saying they're useless. In fact, they can be good for learning the basics. But the basics are pretty simple to learn (I guess that’s why they call them ‘basics’) and that info can be found anywhere. 


What NO course can provide (or certainly none that I’m aware of) is specific, unique, and tailored guidance on any ONE property in particular. 


This level of detail and guidance can only be gained by an expert talking to an investor directly about their goals and knowing the specifics of the property. 


That’s exactly why I want to plan new investors’ renovations with them - to give them their very own instruction manual. 


Because when a course has no lesson on what to do when that window they bought won’t fit the opening despite it being the ‘correct’ size... or how to approach a property that has a septic system... or if that guy who inspected their roof can be trusted when he recommends replacing the sheathing… And a course just won’t show them what to do... 


When a course or book can’t give specific answers to questions like these, how many mistakes does it take to make an investment in that resource a total waste?


The harsh reality... just one mistake can cost thousands... 


Only trusted and tailored advice can guarantee a saving of costs, time, and stress.


Do I need any qualifications to manage my own renovation?


Nope. None at all. 

Will this ‘free and personalized plan’ for New Real Estate Investors help me even if I’ve renovated a property before?


Absolutely. Even though I’m assuming everyone who books a call will have NO real estate experience, this plan will work for any renovation.

Will I speak with Van 1-on-1?


Yes. I’ll talk to all applicants directly, so they can rest assured that they’ll only be getting advice from an expert with 30 years of experience.

Does it matter what stage of life I’m in?


No. As long as the people I speak to are serious about renovating a property and have an idea of what they want to get out of it, then it doesn’t matter who they are or where they are in life.

Why Should New Real Estate Investors Listen to Me?

Most importantly, because I genuinely want to help. 


I can’t wait to pass on my 30 years of knowledge, skills, and secrets to the new generation of investors.


So I encourage new real estate investor with aspirations of building a profitable portfolio to book their call with me today. I want them to view this as the start of their real estate journey.

  • 30 Years’ Experience in Real Estate (And a Fully Licensed Expert)

  • Hundreds of Renovations Completed 

  • $Millions of Dollars Invested in Property

  • 1000+ Properties Owned Across North America 

And I've Done It Successfully More Times Than I Can Even Keep Track Of Anymore...

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